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In a word, convenience. Whether it's a 5–liter bottle or a 25–liter container, or a case  of 500–ml bottles, carrying your own bottled water can be a major workout. 

Let our friendly WaterBoy save you the hassle by bringing the great taste of WaterBoy water right to your door-step on a weekly basis!

You can count on WaterBoy to deliver the products you love to your home or office.


WaterBoy pride themselves in being as environmentally friendly as possible...

Our waist water is being re-purposed. We do not sell our containers, we re-use them.

Our clients don’t have to worry about changing their filters or wasting water or even forgetting their containers at home.

Just relax we deliver at your home or office, the only thing we can’t do for our client is pour them a fresh glass of clean water.

It is that easy...
Call now for your own fresh container of water.


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