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WaterBoy delivers purified water on a weekly basis at your home or office on a specific day that suits the client, deliveries are made Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

We supply our own containers, so our clients don't have to. These containers are rotated each week with a clean container with fresh clean water. This way we can ensure the our clients always have fresh clean water.

We deliver water at your home or business...
No more heavy containers to carry, and deliveries are done weekly
on a day that suits you, so no more forgetting to buy the water.

We offer the following:


1x container water weekly from R120 per month if you use more water the tariffs is as follow:

1x container weekly = R150 per month
2x containers weekly = R250 per month
3x containers weekly = R350 per month
4x containers weekly = R450 per month


Rental of Water-coolers with warm and cold water from R300 per month, the rental of a Water-cooler includes 1x container water delivered weekly.

If you use more than 1x container per week the tariffs is as follow:

Cooler rental + 1x water container weekly = R350 per month
Cooler rental + 2x water container weekly = R450 per month
Cooler rental + 3x water container weekly = R550 per month
Cooler rental + 4x water container weekly = R650 per month

WaterBoy offers 3 different services to it's clients.


1 - Home Delivery Service
We deliver one container water to your door-step on a weekly basis.


2 - Office Delivery Service
We deliver cooler bottles to your place of work on a weekly basis.


3 - Water Cooler Rental
We offer water-coolers for rent to clients on a monthly basis




4 - Baby Water Delivery
Water ready to use for mixing baby formula or just drinking delivered to your door-step.


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